Passionate about food, people and the sustainability in both of them.

Aurelia is fascinated by the entity and variety that surrounds the world of food. She is really interested in the combination of food and issues from design, sustainability, social observations, culture, nature and scientific findings in psychology.

She has a subtle sense for things bellow the surface, the fine nuances and the little details. In combination with her empathic and sensitive nature it gives her the gift of being able to interact with people easily.

Besides music, dancing and nature, her biggest passion  is food. For her it symbolizes the relations between people as well as the connection between humans and nature. Since finishing her Bachelors she has been concentrating her work on topics of sustainability, social interactions and the subtle dynamic surrounding this field.

For her future she wishes to connect these interests, abilities and gifts even more and through that have the opportunity to create exciting culinary experiences.